Go Pack Go?

1 Oct

Lets be real, how could I not write about the Packer game. I am not even from Wisconsin but I was still enraged when I saw that call. Now I’m not here to discuss the NFL’s integrity or the lack of knowledge from the replacement refs. I am here to talk about how social media allowed fans and players to snap back at the NFL and the lack of damage control the NFL put out.

The number one rule in social media today is that it serves as a tool for 2-way communication between a business and its consumers. It is a way for consumers to get their opinions heard about the product a business is selling.  The NFL forgot about this rule.  We saw this on Twitter literally seconds after the infamous play occurred. Everyone I was around, including myself, went directly to their smart phones to Tweet away.  The tweeting wasn’t strictly for fans either. Players, politicians, celebrities and athletes in different industries took to the Twitterverse as well to publicize their disappointment.  The NFL’s major stakeholders were firing back. They were unhappy with the product the NFL was putting out. To make matters worse the NFL’s actions following that night continued to set off fans. The official NFL statement supported the refs call which continued to aggravate the world.  It didn’t take time for people to begin to question the integrity of the game and the NFL as an industry. So what should the NFL done?

They should have realized that the game is their product and if people are questioning the game then they are in turn questioning the product. The normal reaction when a customer complains about a product is to fix it, whether it be on Twitter,  Facebook, or email. It is your responsibility to communicate to your customer that you have heard their complaint.  You do everything you can to make up for the disappointing product and apologize. The NFL did not apologize to their fans or players. They did nothing to restore faith in the organization.  The fans reactions in the social media world should have been a clue to the NFL to realize they were doing something wrong.  They could have used social media to communicate back to their fans that they heard the concerns. But they didn’t. The only thing they did was fix the initial problem immediately following the game.  They fixed their product by ending the lockout with the official referees. But it is a shame it took such a scandal to get their attention. The NFL did not realize what an emotional attachment their stakeholders had to the game. They should have been more prepared for the backlash. They also should have done everything in the power to reach out to the people they upset the most, their fans.


One Response to “Go Pack Go?”

  1. elizabeth929 October 8, 2012 at 7:44 pm #

    I am a Packer fan and this game was tough to swallow and even worse when the league made their statement saying the call was right. Right after the game I continued to watch Sports Center to see what those guys had to say about it, all the while on Twitter and Facebook, reading all the angry tweets and posts. Everyone from around the NFL had something to say about this infamous catch. I completely agree that the NFL did not handle this situation well at all regarding their social media. There were very few responses to fan’s tweets, which can lead to even more upset fans then they already had. It is a shame that it took this terrible call for the NFL to realize what its fans wanted all along.

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