I’m the Mayor, now what?

7 Oct

I have always been an avid user of Foursquare. I have been now for almost year now. I check in, make new locations, oust people as mayor, leave hints and I’ve even redeemed some special offers. I can honestly say that I would have never considered using it if it weren’t for my friends circle. A majority of whom all already used it. It became a big a competition for us. Who had the most points, who was mayor of the library, who was mayor of them gym, etc. After awhile though, it got old. Cool I had some neat virtual badges and I checked into one spot more than my friends. Other than that what was the point?

To be honest I think that is what Foursquare’s biggest problem is: I’ve checked in, now what to I do? There are certain locations I will always check into because of loyalty rewards that I knew about beforehand. Unfortunately, if I don’t know about before hand I will most likely forget to check in. Foursquare users need something more than just virtual rewards.

I recently read a couple articles by blogger Mark Schaefer. His articles Foursquare or Bore-square and Foursquare makeover: 5 ways to make check-ins exciting give great tips on ways to engage and keep users happy.  His five solutions are as follow:

  1. Get more establishments on the Foursquare train.
  2. Jazz it up.
  3. No more cheaters.
  4. Actually get the establishment involved.
  5. More social friendly.

His five solutions all have one thing in common, it wants more! More restaurants, more prizes, more social! How ca Foursquare expect to keep its users coming back if it can’t give them anything else than a virtual experience.  Everything Schaefer suggests gives Foursquare a more human touch. It gives us more interaction with other people. This might take away from the whole mobile aspect of Foursquare, but there is only so much virtual a person can handle. We are social beings. We can put up with only so much virtual excitement before we need social engagement as well. If Foursquare could find some techniques and strategies that they could translate from the virtual world to the real world, they’d be in the best shape for success.


4 Responses to “I’m the Mayor, now what?”

  1. mnorkett October 16, 2012 at 11:35 pm #

    I’ve never used Foursquare before this class, but it sounds fun the way that you used it with your friends that’s a great idea. I can also see how it can also be a phase and become boring so the tips on how to stay engaged are interesting. Entertaining post.

  2. elizabeth929 October 17, 2012 at 12:50 am #

    I actually just recently got a Foursquare for ADPR4300 and really haven’t done anything on it. And I don’t own a smart phone, which I feel might be the most beneficial way of using Foursquare. For now I’m stuck using the desktop model of Foursquare, which is not bad, I just think I could get more use out of Foursquare on a smart phone. One thing nice about Foursquare is the ability to see places around you, possibly giving your ideas of things to do.
    I agree with what Mark Schaefer posted about in his blog; it is difficult to find friends on Foursquare and difficult to interact with them (this is coming from my experience using my laptop). I agree that Foursquare does have potential to be something great, especially if companies can start interacting with potential patrons.

  3. RayOC December 4, 2012 at 3:53 pm #

    I totally agree with you, on the basis that Foursquare is awesome until you get to the “and now what do I do point.” I have been on Foursquare for a couple of months now and I don’t necessarily use it for interaction on the social level as much as I do for interaction on the consumer level. I mostly hop on Foursquare and look for deals at nearby restaurants/stores/bars etc. Maybe I am not using Foursquare to its full potential, but I think that I get what I want out of it. Going off of what you said, being the mayor of some place has its perks, but at the end of the day, that title stays in the technological sphere and that’s it.

  4. Kayla Raguse December 4, 2012 at 9:37 pm #

    I completely agree that Foursquare is and will continue to be a fun way for friends to interact and engage in some “friendly” competition to see who can become mayor of the most places and get the most weekly points. I find myself using it a lot more in “down times” of the year, like holiday breaks and summer than I do during the school year. Honestly, school gets so hectic and before you know it you forget about so many thinks you typically do a lot of.
    I also agree that the competitive aspect among friends only lasts for so long before it loses it’s appeal. I also read a few articles pertaining to Foursquare and I think it’s important to both create a name for your company and get new foot traffic coming in,but also find ways of ensuring that customers keep coming back for more. In my opinion, Foursquare is a great tool in itself but I think Twitter can be a great aid in this. Twitter is a way many people spread the word about things they find important and many people send their Foursquare check-ins to Twitter. That’s a great stepping stone to get more people to notice your company.
    I think many companies overlook the excitement of incentives. Having check-in milestones where the 1,000th person to check-in gets a discount or free item can keep the friendly competition alive and also keep people coming back.

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