Trust me, I’m online.

14 Nov

One of the biggest issues with building your brand online is getting  online audiences to believe in your brand. Of course your loyal consumers already believe in you, that is why they are loyal to you. But if you have any hopes if increasing your brand reach and brand awareness online you have to be able to gain trust online. How do you do that? You gain credibility. A recent article form Social Media Today  gave great 10 tips to doing just that.

1. Establish Authority

2. Social Proof

3. Walk the Walk

4. Be consisten in both life and business

5. Hang with the right peeps.

6. You had me at first tweet.

7. Take time for relationships

8. Build a platform that invites conversation.

9. It’s not about you!

10. Author content.

Consumers won’t engage with you if they don’ trust. By following the previous tips you can avoid falling into the clutter of online brands. It is not enough to just have pretty background and great layouts. You have to be able to make your online persona seem real. Update your contact, establish yourself as an expert, dedicate to your craft, take time to do what you say you are so good at doing! Online users will start responding and once they do, don’t ignore them. Focus on the relationships that matter! The online users who keep coming back to you are the ones that matter, take timet to connect.  Along with this rule use your platform for two-way communication. Its easy to see the connection between trust and your online persona. The more real your brand is online the easier it will be for consumers to believe in you.


One Response to “Trust me, I’m online.”

  1. 3127saiaa December 4, 2012 at 12:07 am #

    I really like this article. I can imagine that it would be hard to gain trust and credibility online. I think those tips are great tips for establishing your brand online and to becoming social business.

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