30 days to Win Julia Over: A Microsoft Hotmail Case Study

10 Dec

The client, Microsoft. The product Microsoft Hotmail in Spain. Hotmail was on the decline, Microsoft  was loosing users by the day.  It had fallen behind the competition and needed some revamping. So that is what Microsoft did, they revamped Hotmail. But unfortunately no one noticed. Hotmail was communicating the changes it had undergone but no one believed it. They needed their clients to fall in love with them again.  That is how Julia and Alejandro fell into the picture.

Alejandro, a regular guy (not an actor) who needed to prove to his girlfriend, Julia, that he had changed into a better boyfriend.  They were going through a rough patch and he needed to prove to her that he could be a better boyfriend. Get the metaphor? During the next 30 days Hotmail helped Alejandro meet this a goal of winning Julia’s heart back by setting up 30 days of change.  Alejandro and Hotmail needed to show how much they had changed instead of just saying it.


In the 30 days that followed Hotmail launched a campaign  that began with print ads in newspapers  and billboards announcing that Alejandro was going to parter with Hotmail to win Julia back. The ads spread like wildfire and the soon Alejandro was a headline in the news and online. The billboard asked user to send tips to Alejandro that would make him into a better boyfriend. Ideas were sent through Twitter, Hotmail, Messenger and Facebook. Requests were made and Alejandro listened. He even talked with people who were curious and wanted to know more about him.  Musicians sent him songs, people posted on the blog, videos were shared. Hotmail was integrated naturally into this campaign. A youtube account was created to show Alejandro accomplishing each  new task of love and of course the videos went viral.  The last night of the event he surprised Julia by serenading her with a song users had sent to him via Hotmail. Alejandro had won Julia back, and so had Hotmail.

Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 6.42.12 PM

By the end of the campaign the 30 Days to Win Julia bBack website had 2,212, 160 visitors. The Facebook page gained 16,477 fans in 30 days and 287,000 new Hotmail email accounts were created.

Hotmail used this love story to engage consumers. They used this relatable story to prove that change was possible. By using Alejandro as the face of the campaign they humanized the Hotmail brand and made it something people needed. Everyone was rooting for Alejandro and if helping him meant signing up for a Hotmail account, users found him and the service worth it.


One Response to “30 days to Win Julia Over: A Microsoft Hotmail Case Study”

  1. mauraquinn December 10, 2012 at 7:21 pm #

    This is one of my favorite campaigns ever. It was such a creative way to bring back a mail service that was quickly becoming obsolete in a way that would drive conversation and encourage engagement. I love it!

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